Film Biz Seminar


Dates: Thursday, November 26th
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Participants: 12
Where: Online via ZOOM
Fees: $75 GST included – per person
For who: Anyone over the age of 19. This workshop is specifically for people interested in acting or wanting to find out more about how to break into the acting industry.

Welcome to ActorVan Studios. Join us for our Film Business Orientation Seminar for Actors. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding the TV/Film industry and help guide you through the initial steps of launching your acting career.

It is extremely daunting to start on this acting journey without sound advice on how to go about getting a solid start.

Whether you are a “new” actor or “returning to the biz,” contact Actorvan and join us.

For more information please email Marc at or send a text to 604 805 3291. Spaces are limited.

Number of seats left: 12



Topics Discussed:

  • Vancouver Film industry overview
  • Getting started plan
  • Headshots
  • Agents
  • Casting Directors
  • Casting process
  • Day in the life of an actor
  • Cost & pay of being an actor
  • Tips for early success!
  • Q & A
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