Vancouver On Camera Acting Classes at Actorvan Studios

A professional acting studio, Actorvan provides various classes for the new, emerging, and professional actor. We are are also very inclusive and encourage and welcome differently abled bodied, all ethnicities, all sexual identities, and, any age, to start acting.

About Marc Gaudet

Having booked roles on TV shows such as Arctic Air, The Killing, Fringe, Supernatural, iZombie, and The Flash, Marc Gaudet is a union actor who has been living the acting dream for 15 years.

His main focus for Actorvan film acting classes is to get people started in the film industry by providing a safe environment in which to try acting and build fundamental acting skills.

Film Business Orientation Seminar for Actors:
Thursday, November 26th from 5-7pm

Join us online via ZOOM for our Film Business Orientation Seminar for Actors. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding the TV/Film industry and help guide you through the initial steps of launching your acting career.

To sign up, visit the Film Biz Seminar Page

Vancouver Acting Classes

The acting class also covers the ins and out of being an actor in Vancouver and how to get started. The cost is affordable with a small class size of 12 max.


On Camera acting coaching for auditions is vital in order to do your best when the audition door opens. Getting some insight on how you come across and if you are fulfilling the requirements of the scene, including bringing your uniqueness to the role, is key is an audition success.

Not Sure?

Free 1hr workshop on how to start your career in the film industry! Find out what the first steps are and how you can start living the dream in Vancouver.

Actorvan Vancouver Acting Classes

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