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About ActorVan Studios

MarcGaudet Headshot #2 copyMarc Gaudet is a union actor who has been living the acting dream for 20 years. He has booked roles on TV shows such as The Twilight Zone, Riverdale, Arctic Air, The Killing, Fringe, Supernatural, iZombie, and The Flash.  His acting philosophy is rooted in Sanford Meisner, Larry Moss, and Harold Guskin. Marc is warm and approachable and brings out the best in his students by providing a safe challenging learning environment.

His main focus for The Fundamentals Class is to get people started in the film industry by providing a safe environment in which to try acting and build fundamental acting skills. Marc has helped many actors from preparing an acting resume-getting an agent-booking their first professional paying gig. This genuine desire to see people succeed makes his standout in Vancouver.   Marc’s objective in the Bootcamp Mondays class is push actors to challenge themselves with a variety of material in one class in order to be full engaged and audition ready for the week.

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