The ActorVan Team

We are committed to providing the best actor training in Vancouver. From the classes to special guest workshops, we work hard to provide a safe learning environment where actors are supported to risk and grow their acting skills. Our team are not only good at what they do but are also “solid people” that care about actors growth wherever they are in their careers.

Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.

Our Coaches

Petar Gatsby


Petar’s IMDB Profile

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Actress / Coach

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William MacDonald

Actor & Coach

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Andy Magee

Andy Magee

Voice Actor & Coach

Janet Walmsley


Paul Jensen

Writer/Film Scholar/Award-winning Instructor

Stacie Harrison

Director/Actor/Producer/Acting Instructor

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Our Workshop Presenters

Bim Narine

Casting Director

Bim Narine’s IMDB Profile

Ann Forry

Casting Director

Ann Forry’s IMDB Profile

Kris Woz

Casting Director

Kris Woz’s IMDB Profile

Kara Eide

Casting Director

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Candice Elzinga

Casting Director

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Judy Lee

Casting Director

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Carmen Kotyk

Casting Director

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Jason Bourque


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Allan Harmon


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Jon Funk

Stunts / Special Effectsh

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Larry Moss

Actor / Director

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Adrienne Lindsay

Casting Director

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