Most actors spend their lives auditioning for parts. Even the top 10% of working actors in Vancouver need to audition.  So it’s always good to have some audition tips to make the process easier and more successful. It is our job to audition. Unless you are Morgan Freeman. He doesn’t need to audition anymore!

Having an approach that works for you is very important. The key is to be ready to do your best in the audition room and be open to have happens in the moment in the audition room. Over time, you will develop a routine just like a professional athlete.

Some audition tips:

  • Get coached prior so you are fully prepared
  • Try different techniques to calm your nerves-learn what works best for you.
  • Run the scene with another person if you have not been coached so you can hear the other character’s words.
  • Stay away from loud people in the waiting room
  • Map out your actions & eye lines in the scene
  • Learn your lines really well.
  • Do the scene in at least two different ways in case you are re-directed in the audition.
  • Remember, there are always other auditions if you feel it didn’t go well.
  • Put the amount of time in to be properly prepared. A common amount of time is 4-6 hrs depending on the size of the part more info here.
  • Bring your script in if it is more than a few lines. Put it on the floor or hold it in case you need to refer to it.
  • Do not apologize for anything in the room. Be professional.
  • Let the audition go as fast as possible. Once it is over, it is out of your hands.

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