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Breaking into the film business is a tough nut to crack! But here’s the thing seroquel dosage. There around 4000 union actors in BC and some estimates say as many as 25,000 actors in BC in total. So, some people have found a way to make it in.

There are a lot pitfalls along the way. Here are few of the most common ones that could prevent you from giving it a try.

*I won’t make any money.
*I have a family.
*I’m too old
*My friends and family will think I’m crazy.
*I cannot get away to audition during the week day.

There are many reasons that make pursuing the acting dream tough. It is tough. No sugarcoating will make it easier.

What I can assure you is that it does get easier. You start getting a few acting jobs that pay for your classes & headshots. You find a way to balance family obligations and your auditions and preparation time. You realize that other people
you meet at auditions are the same age as you and have started late in life as well. Your friends start taking interest in your progress. Your boss says go ahead to your audition. Just make up the time tomorrow.

When you begin the acting journey, your life will support you and line up so that it all works. There will be challenges-no doubt about that. But following your heart, getting excited about going to an acting class, saying out loud that you are an actor, booking your first paying professional gig, will make these obstacles worthwhile to overcome.

Feel free to contact me to chat about the challenges of saying yes to becoming the actor you’ve always dreamed of. Others are doing it. Now it’s your turn.

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