Here are a few testimonials about our classes and Marc Gaudet. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our classes.

I really enjoyed the way you approached the class, everything we did at the
beginning really helped me to let go of any barriers I had up, and I was so very excited at hearing how you, and your students, communicate. Very open, very honest, and backed up with experience to boot!

Drew Pellegrin

“I love Marc’s honest, straightforward approach. I was nervous about
getting up on stage but he made it real easy to try. I felt very
comfortable to take some risks. I am now an actor!

Bob Shoofey

Taking classes with Marc is a lot of fun as well as being instructive. He
has good insights into how to improve creating the right character. I would
highly recommend checking out his course. No matter how new you are to
acting, Marc can help!

Vern Eaton

Marc has a way of seeing the richness and depth in a script . He sees very
quickly what elements are missing in a performance and conveys this easily
and with kindness. After coaching me through a rather lengthy and daunting
audition piece, I got to the level I needed and ended up presenting
something real, instead of something rushed and superficial.

Lynn Whyte

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