Writing your Script with Paul Jensen


Starts June 19th, 2024

This 12-week Writing Your Script intensive will guide you through the process of developing your original screenplay from concept to final draft. Participants learn about complex character development, story structure, dialogue, genre, theme, and how to break down narratives into their core elements to identify what makes a film work its magic. Through in-class screenings, writing workshops, extensive in-class feedback, and table reads, you will gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of writing for film to elevate your skills as a storyteller. By course conclusion, you will have completed a short screenplay, ready for filming.

Paul Jensen

Writer, Film Scholar and award-winning Instructor of Film, Screenwriting and Video Games at Vancouver Film School & Langara College, Paul’s passion for cinema & the visual arts has labeled him a walking encyclopedia. He is regular feature on public radio, film podcasts, and web series, and is often invited as a Guest Speaker and Academic Leader to universities & film events both locally & internationally. A seven-time “Instructor of the Year”​ and “Best Course”​ winner, Paul’s commitment to helping writers has made him a popular Story Editor and led him to work on independent film projects, as well as in the local film industry.

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Dates: A twelve week course on Wednesdays, starting June 19th, 2024
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Participants: 14
Fees: $675 GST included – per person
Prerequisites: No prerequisites for this class.
Where: Online & offered via ZOOM

Learning Objectives – Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  • To foster an understanding of dramatic structure.
  • To recognize and implement Journey Patterns.
  • To develop strong and three-dimensional characters.
  • To demonstrate the skills to pitch your story idea.
  • To understand the fundamentals of effective dialogue.
  • To recognize Genre conventions.
  • To have the ability to create a professional Beat Sheet.
  • To identify the fundamentals of visual storytelling.

Course Content:

  • Class 01: Intro to Story & Conceptualizing an Idea
  • Class 02: Developing Character & Behavior
  • Class 03: The Folktale Pattern & Modern Myths
  • Class 04: Narrative Structure & POV
  • Class 05: Pitching your Story Idea
  • Class 06: Genre Archetypes
  • Class 07: Delivering Beat Sheets & Creating a Scene
  • Class 08: Writing Believable Dialogue
  • Class 09: Acting and Performance
  • Class 10: First Draft Table Read
  • Class 11: Visual Storytelling
  • Class 12: Final Draft Table Read

Cancellation policy:
There will be no make up classes.

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