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FOR: 18+
PREREQUISITES: Desire to be an actor
FEES: $2295 (GST included).
Payment Plans Available upon request. Please email Petar at for more info.
Where: Suite 216, 1118 Homer Street, Vancouver. Safety protocols in place.
Ample parking on Richards between Helmcken and Davie.
$1/hour with a 3 hour maximum

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This program is designed & customized to be completed on a part- time basis, allowing students to balance other commitments. Planning the schedule of classes is done with Actor Van Coach, Peter Gatsby. Students can start anytime! As long as 8 classes are completed, the certificate will be awarded. As well, previous classes in other schools may be credited for this program as some students start with prior training. Some students will take 6 months to complete and others 3 months.

The intensive nature of the program means that students will be fully immersed in a wide range of acting techniques and practices. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills in various areas, such as character development, script analysis, improvisation, and on-camera acting. The curriculum is designed to be hands-on and practical, providing students with ample opportunities to apply what they learn in a supportive and professional environment.

Throughout the program, students will work closely with experienced industry professionals. These experts will provide guidance, feedback, and mentorship, helping students refine their craft and build confidence in their abilities.

By the end of the Professional Actor Certificate program, graduates should be well-prepared to pursue a career in the Film and TV industry. They will have gained a solid foundation in acting techniques, an understanding of the industry’s expectations and demands, and practical experience through various performance opportunities. Armed with these skills, graduates will be equipped to audition for roles, and navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being a professional actor.

Petar Gatsby Petar Gatsby

Originally from sunny Croatia, Petar grew up and started training the craft in Germany. He lived and worked in Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand before permanently relocating to Vancouver, BC. Over the years, he’s worked as an Actor, Stunt Actor, Stage Actor, TV Presenter, Drama Teacher, Audition Coach, Stage Manager and Director/Producer. Finding his niche in the busy Vancouver Film and Television Industry early on, he quickly started booking roles and is working tirelessly to expand his range as an actor.

Some of his favourite credits include ARROW (CW Network), THE DETOUR (TBS), PROJECT BLUE BOOK (History Channel), TURNER & HOOCH (Disney +) and THE DAY WE LEFT (Edmonton International Film Festival).

Most recently Petar spent 2 weeks in Osoyoos, B.C. shooting for a Recurring Role on a new TV Series.

In his spare time he likes to take cold plunges and float in dark, salty isolation tanks to enhance his creativity.


Stacie Harrison

A graduate of the BFA program at the University of Calgary, is a director, actor, producer and acting instructor with over 25 years of experience. Stacie was a Primary Instructor at Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio in Calgary for 20 years and has taught countless students throughout Alberta and BC. She is the co-founder of Any Road Productions and was the founder and Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Valley in Cochrane, Alberta.

Stacie’s Film & Television credits include ‘Damnation’ (USA Network), ‘Wynonna Earp’ (Syfy), ‘Heartland’ (CBC/NETFLIX), ‘Jann’ (CTV) and ‘A Bridesmaid in Love’ (Reel One Entertainment). Some of her favorite credits include the upcoming feature film ‘Faultline’, The Convos Show (Convos with my 2 Year Old), ‘Marlene’, the Telus Original series ‘Realization’, ‘Who Is Riley Oakes’, ‘The Great Fear’, ‘Dryland’ and ‘My Misspent Youth’ (w/ award-winning filmmaker, Cam Christiansen/Anlanda).

With an extensive directing & assistant directing resume, Stacie has done countless productions with well-known theatre companies like Vertigo Theatre, Lunchbox Theatre, New West Theatre, Theatre Calgary, FUSE TC, The Shakespeare Company, Dark Forest Theatre, and Seraph Theatre.

The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers recently awarded Stacie the first inaugural ‘Stinger Award’ for Best Actress for ‘Faultline’.


Maia Michaels Maia Michaels

Maia Michaels is an experienced actor who has been working internationally for over 13 years. After completing her formal training in California, Maia has been working in the US, Vancouver, and Australia. In addition to her on-set and on-stage experience, Maia has had years of experience coaching actors on and off set, and is currently based out of Vancouver, Canada.


Andy Magee

Andy Magee grew up in a small town called Portstewart, Northern Ireland. His mother was a theatre actress and High School Drama and English teacher. Having grown up in this environment, they would often role play different skits doing accents, and mimicking well known characters from around the world.

In 2019, Andy decided on a career change to really approach his VO professionally and try to create a business out of his voice. After taking training to hone his talent and create an Animation Demo Reel, he started booking freelance online paid work in 2020. His first break into VO was with Replica Studios, a start up company in Australia focused on creating next-gen AI Text-to-Speech characters, primarily used by games developers and animators for doing character tests on Video Games, Animation etc. Having started with them purely as a contracted client recording and producing from his home studio, he progressed to character workshopping with them and pitching his own animated characters for their AI platform. He went on to voice eight highly diverse characters on their platform with a further seven characters created for similar AI TTS studios in the US (totaling over 350,000 words).

Last year, after working on the video game ‘The Great War: Western Front’ on Windows® voicing American, British, Canadian & Australian soldiers on the WWI battlefield, Andy felt his VO experience had pushed him to a new level. He sought and secured agency representation while also starting a coaching program for Voice-Actors to improve their skills, record and produce an in-house demo reel and give them the confidence to start a career in VO.

Andy is proud that he’s gone from having an idea to making it a business and a career. He has a very good understanding of how to start a career in VO in the modern era and how to help others to reach their VO goals.

Sarah-Jane Redmond – Sarah is an accomplished actress, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her ‘craft’. Indeed throughout Sarah-Jane’s career the actress has gathered an extensive resume of skills and experience including Dance, Theatre, Film and Television work. Born in Cyprus, Sarah-Jane and her family visited many countries before settling at the age of ten years in Canada. Sarah-Jane recalls from an even earlier age her desire that she would one day become an actress.

The young and inspired Sarah-Jane attended Dancemakers Studio in Toronto for six years, under professional Brian Foley, before moving to London after her graduation. Within her first year in the United Kingdom Sarah-Jane was accepted into theatre school but, instead, chose to return to Canada to study at the famous William Davis Centre in Vancouver (William Davis is instantly recognisable for his famous portrayal of The Cigarette Smoking Man, in The X-Files). Sarah-Jane currently still lives in Canada which has been the home of many of her projects. In a recent interview with me Sarah-Jane shared her thoughts on living in Vancouver: “I love living here in Canada” she admitted. “It has been great to me both professionally and personally. Although I was not born here I consider it my home, but I could for sure see myself spending a lot of time down in Belize.”

Shortly after graduation Sarah-Jane launched her own Theatre company. It was during one of her productions that a visiting Agent was impressed with her talent, assisting her to commence a varied and thorough career which has seen her work with many ‘stars’, production crews, famous studios and distributors including Warner Bros, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia amongst many others.

Jody Quine Jody Quine

Jody is a performer of 33 years, starting with improv at Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary and training under Keith Johnstone, and moving on to Second City in Toronto for 2 years, where she did a show (Co-Ed Prison Sluts), and trained with some of Canada’s best, as well as time in Chicago at the Annoyance Theatre training with Mick Napier, Mark Sutton, and Joe Bill. She is also a touring solo artist musician who has played shows in many of the most important small venues across the United States, including handful of soft seater theatres for crowds up 1500. The shows for less than 10 people were always the most telling and most rewarding in skills and adaptability to being present in the moment and trusting her instincts. After the world shut down, Jody let her US Work Visa lapse for music and has been focusing on acting in Vancouver, and is starting to book work on many of the US shows in town (Batwoman, So Help Me Todd, Under The Bridge, Wildcards). She has trained as an actor in Vancouver with Andrew McIlroy, John Cassini, Jeb Beach, and many more, as well as continuing to train with Marjorie Ballentine out of LA over zoom. She is signed to Trisko Management.


* ActorVan Studios may need to change coaches at the last minute if coaches are sick or on set.

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