Fearless Acting through Improv with Jeff Gladstone


Drop in classes are available. Please contact Marc at marc@actorvanstudios.com for details.

January 6 – March 2, 2020 (Every Monday for 8 weeks)
(No class February 17 – Family Day)
5:00pm – 9:00pm
WHERE: 2333 Ontario Street, Vancouver
PARTICIPANTS: Only 12 Seats available!
FOR: 19+
FEES: $550 (tax included).
PREREQUISITES FOR THIS CLASS ARE: Have some training, credits, & commitment to working hard.
CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no refunds for this class. Students are allowed to find
replacements for the classes they miss.
VIDEO CLIPS: Students are required to bring a Standard SD Card to classes & workshops so they may review their work outside of class.

We are thrilled to have Jeff Gladstone to teach Fearless Acting through Improv for 8 weeks! Jeff is a master teacher who will guide actors to enhance their acting skills through Improv. Sign up quick!

There are two main ingredients that go into your work as an actor: preparation and spontaneity. But how does one prepare for spontaneity? This course will give you all the tools you need to free yourself of fear and respond instantaneously to your impulses, and to direction in the audition room and on set. Learn how to build stories from the simplest moment, to heighten moments of transition, and to embody behaviors that will make those stories clear.

Jeff will guide participants through an 8-week course where you will learn the fundamentals of Impro as developed by Keith Johnstone, and how and when to use them to create compelling performances on screen.

Jeff Gladstone

Jeff Gladstone is a Leo & Jessie nominated actor from Calgary where he earned BFA in Drama from U of C, and was a member of the world-renowned Impro theatre, the Loose Moose Theatre. Now living on the Coast Salish Territories known as Vancouver, Jeff is best known as a mainstage ensemble player with Vancouver TheatreSports (2000-present), and an actor & teaching artist with Bard on the Beach. Jeff recently played Matt Horvat in Bruce Sweeney’s Kingsway (TIFF 2018, VIFF 2018, 10 Leo Nominations) and has made appearances on The Twilight Zone (CBS), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW), iZombie (CW), Motive (CTV) & The Killing (AMC). As a board member and recommended teacher for the International TheatreSports Institute, Jeff served as Artistic Director for the ITI Conference & Festival in Vancouver, and has taught Impro workshops across Canada & Europe.


“He is an active, engaged teacher who is invested in his students’ growth, and who deeply cares for their well-being.”

“You could tell he was very attentive and thinking about where to take the group next that would benefit them the most, then guided us there very fluidly. An iron fist in a velvet glove comes to mind!”

“Jeff kept us engaged and somehow, with all his experience being an improv actor and teacher, brought the unique best out in each of us.”

“A surprising bonus for me was that in each lesson there was a deep truth about how to find more meaningful connections in everyday life. I recommend this class to anyone and everyone.”

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Week 1

How to express character through behaviour in the very first moments of a scene. How to capture the attention of your audience and create mystery.

Week 2

Status is an expression of power and hierarchy. Find how and why a character may shift in their status relationship, and ways to express this effortlessly. How status works can give your audience increased empathy for your character.

Week 3

The emotional life of your character is the heart of their transitions. Practice techniques to express the attitudes and emotion of characters, and to change them, so that the transition feels emotionally motivated, narratively justified & authentic.

Week 4

How to identify and maximize impact of tilts in scripted scenes, be they commercial, principal or lead roles.

Week 5 – 7

On Camera Scenework
Using short scripted scenes, we will crack them open using the improv techniques we’ve explored and find ways to build authentic turning points into any scene.

Week 8

Perform some of our favourite work from the course for a panel of guests

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