Audition Ready, with Petar Gatsby


WHEN: 5-9pm Tuesdays starting Sept 7
WHERE: Suite 216, 1118 Homer Street, Vancouver. Safety protocols in place.

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PARTICIPANTS: Only 8 Seats available!
FOR: 19+
FEES: $275 (tax included).
PREREQUISITES FOR THIS CLASS ARE: Have some training, credits, & commitment to working hard.
CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no refunds for this class. Students are allowed to find replacements for the classes they miss.
VIDEO CLIPS: Students are required to bring a Standard SD Card to classes & workshops so they may review their work outside of class.
NEW PARTICIPATION POLICY: We will require that all students enrolled in our IN-STUDIO classes/workshops must show proof of double-vaccination for the Covid-19 virus. We know this will bring much reassurance and safety to everyone in the class, and we also understand that it might mean some of you will not be able to commit to our IN-STUDIO class/workshops at this time. We believe it is the best way for us to ensure we take every precaution to be safe at this time.

Prepare, Perform, Book!
It is imperative to be performing at your highest level when the door opens as competition is now double what it was since 2019. Sure we are taping more, but so is everyone else in your age range for the same roles! Round one of auditions will continue to be self tapes, while callbacks will either be a live Zoom session or an actual in-person session. Being Audition Ready for all of these situations is absolutely essential!

This class will prepare you for ALL of this! It will be in studio with some live Zoom callbacks for practice, as well as self taping assignments prior to coming into class. This hybrid toolkit is now needed to be a successful actor in this hyper competitive new environment.

Peter Gatsby Peter Gatsby

Originally from sunny Croatia, Petar grew up and started training the craft in Germany. He lived and worked in Sydney, Australia, Auckland, New Zealand before permanently relocating to Vancouver, BC. Over the years, he’s worked as an Actor, Stunt Actor, Stage Actor, TV Presenter, Drama Teacher, Audition Coach, Stage Manager and Director/Producer. Finding his niche in the busy Vancouver Film and Television Industry early on, he quickly started booking roles and is working tirelessly to expand his range as an actor.

Some of his favourite credits include ARROW (CW Network), THE DETOUR (TBS), PROJECT BLUE BOOK (History Channel) and UNMASKED (Amazon Prime).

Most recently Petar worked on ‘Turner & Hooch’ for Disney Plus.

In his spare time he likes to take cold plunges and float in dark, salty isolation tanks to enhance his creativity.


Number of seats left: 1



Actor Van StudiosWho this program is for:

  • Actors that are having some success and are wanting to bust through to the next level.
  • Actors that are looking to book larger roles.
  • Actors who would like to increase their booking ratio. Actors who may have left the business and would like to re-establish their careers and auditioning skills.
  • Actors that want to be seen as consistently doing great work by Casting Directors.
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