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The Audition Class for Kids – Online

With Sarah-Jane Redmond


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When: Mondays
Time: 1pm – 3:30pm
For: 6-12 yr olds
Where: Online via ZOOM
Fees: $125 GST included for 4 weeks.

This class prepares kids for the real world of auditioning on camera and acting techniques. Sarah-Jane’s warm and approachable style allows young actors to blossom under her guidance.

Sarah-Jane Redmond – Sarah is an accomplished actress, well versed in the many aspects of her chosen profession which she considers to be her ‘craft’. Indeed throughout Sarah-Jane’s career the actress has gathered an extensive resume of skills and experience including Dance, Theatre, Film and Television work. Born in Cyprus, Sarah-Jane and her family visited many countries before settling at the age of ten years in Canada. Sarah-Jane recalls from an even earlier age her desire that she would one day become an actress.

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